Recycling Services in Beverly Hills

We recycle as much of your demolition debris as possible. We are very health conscious and provide the extra services for our customers.

Environmentally Friendly Demolition

When we are performing any type of demolition work in Beverly Hills it is a high priority of ours to make sure that the work we do is handled in an environmentally responsible way. Regardless of the type of demolition services you need it can be done in a "green" way. Recycling demolition debris instead of taking it to a landfill makes a real difference. In the world of demolition so many of the materials we work with are recycleable, so it only makes since that we avoid disposing of them in a landfill. As much as 90% of the debris from our demolition projects can be recycled, and we are constantly looking for ways to increase this number.

Passing on the Savings

When we take demolition materials to a recycling center we recieve some money in return. Many other demolition companies would just pocket this and increase their profit margins. However at Local Demolition Beverly Hills, we like to do things a bit differently. We pass the savings directly to you, our customer, by reducing the overall cost of our demolition services.

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